Founder and Creative Director Barbara Gram believes that we make the world a better place when we choose to add meaning and beauty to life and be the good. That belief was the genesis for curating the inspirational jewelry collection Be The Good.

Designing from her southwest Cheltenham studio and collaborating with other fairtrade craftsman from around the world, Barb Gram is passionate that the Be The Good brand represents more than just a jewelry line. The Be The Good collection themes embrace the moments, milestones and emotions that celebrate those things that make us feel happy and connected. Every piece is designed with the belief that the right piece of jewelry at just the right time can change a woman's whole day... outlook... or life.

Handcrafted with semi-precious stones, as well as gold plate, gold-filled and silver plate, the Be The Good line is meant to be affordable—afterall everyone deserves to experience these feelings. Whether it is on-trend jewelry or original luxury accessories, Be The Good is committed to offering all accessories under $100.

In addition to launching Be The Good, Barb Gram has helped small to large companies as a brand manager, buyer and merchandiser. With her eye for trends and details, her focus has always been fashion for luxury retailers and spas across the globe, including representing brands such as Trina, Steve Madden and Towne And Reese.