Empowering Starts At Home

Barbara L Gram

Founder and Creative Director Barbara Gram believes that we make the world a better place when we choose to add meaning and beauty to life and be the good. That belief was the genesis for curating the inspirational jewelry collection Be The Good.

It's also the motivation for whom she chooses to work with. That's why the Be The Good team loves our collaboration with model, photographer, former bodybuilder, and mom extraordinaire Taylor Huntington. Have you seen her Instagram @taylor_marie_h? Followers love how she boldly shares her journey embracing her body as it evolves.

In the photo below, she describes how much healthier she feels in the after photo on the right, even though conventional thinkers are conditioned to prefer the thinner, buffer version of Taylor on the left. But she's found wisdom and she's happy knowing that the best body is the body that is healthy, strong, reliable and appreciated!



Taylor also shares powerful messages to inspire others and glimpses of her life as a hard-working mom, friend, daughter and significant other.


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