BE THE GOOD YOU WANT TO SEE - Featured on Salt + Honey

Barbara L Gram

I’ve been working with Be The Good for quite some time so when they asked me if I wanted to do a takeover for Gay Pride I was elated! I packed my suitcase full of jewelry and set off on an adventure with BTG in San Francisco! I took the Be The Good family to the California Science Academy, the Museum of Ice Cream and of course to PRIDE!

Along my travels I left little Be The Good “bread crumbs” with people I met around the city that read “Every day we can make a difference is so many little ways”. I met a group of men at a restaurant in the Castro, a group of travelers from overseas, and the kindest bar tender who’s style reminded me of Armand from The Birdcage (a must see!). My heart overflowed when I got to make someone’s day with these sweet little gifts. I love the idea of potentially turning someone’s entire day around with a kind gesture, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! At San Francisco’s Pride parade I handed these heart bracelets out to anyone and everyone I could reach across the barrier. My favorite moment was when a little girl came by on her dad’s shoulders, I was able to hand her a bracelet and in the tinniest voice I hear, “thank you”as she continued on.

Each Be The Good piece is paired with a matching card which inspires and and in the words of Maria Kondo, “sparks joy!” You’ll find sweet sayings like, “You are loved”, “Shine on” and “If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple!”. These pieces are carefully designed by the creator of Be The Good, Barbara Gram. A women who I have grown to know and love for her drive and passion not only for life but this sweet jewelry line that she has carefully crafted. With each purchase Be The Good donates to the non-profit Dress for Success which provides women the means to succeed in the workplace and in life. With pieces all under $100 this brand is a real treasure!

Everyone deserves to feel special and loved so I encourage you to check out this brand. Maybe there’s someone in your life who needs to be reminded that they are loved or maybe even you need to be reminded that you’re special (treat yo self!) no matter the case this brand has something for everyone!

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