Photo by fashion photographer  Coventry Automatik

Photo by fashion photographer Coventry Automatik

We sat down to talk to the Editor-in-Chief of Girl Folk, an online magazine for young teens, written and (mostly) photographed by its teen contributors who hail from France, Argentina, Australia and the U.S. The concept was created by Gray G., who started her first blog, Wondermint Kids, with her parents at age eight. That blog featured Gray and friends on video, making DIY crafts and cooking projects. One of our favorite episodes is one in which she teaches her 24 yr. old cousin from Taiwan how to make Chinese Dim Sum. Confetti party push-ups is an amazing party favor project that more than 32k people have viewed and the photos of Gray’s trip to Paris and to the Peacock ranch in Carlsbad, California are also some of our favorite posts. The blog had an eco-friendly bent to it, and used servers that were wind-powered to host the website. Without any marketing at all, it quickly became popular through word of mouth with Youtube views of over half a million. The Wondermint content now lives on in the High Brow mobile app, which was recently featured as an App of The Day by the Apple Store.

Wondermint Kids + Girl Folk interview actor Bradley James

Wondermint Kids + Girl Folk interview actor Bradley James

Girl Folk also covers DIY art and cooking projects, but adds a few more elements that Gray has become passionate about, such as fashion and what she calls self-care. Part of the magazine’s mission is to simply share things, places and objects that she and her contributor’s love, but another part of the mission is to empower teen girls to see other points of view around the world and to express themselves. Any teen can visit for a chance to contribute a story, travel piece, fashion tip or more.

Girl Folk has just begun, but you can read a post to learn about the Spanish island Formentera or a lavender farm in the San Juan Islands, see an Etsy-inspired photoshoot, glimpse behind-the-scenes of the next Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) movie, or hear first-hand how TV & Film star Bradley James (Merlin, Underworld, Damien, Medici) discovered he wanted to be an actor.  And, in the works are articles interviewing the cast of some of TV’s top shows, a recipe for homemade tortillas, a feature on, and of course a fun giveaway with Be The Good.

Below, we asked Editor-in-Chief Gray a few questions and we share directions on the Girl Folk/Be The Good Giveaway.

Q: Why multiple contributors instead of one singular blogger’s voice?

With all the different categories we have on Girl Folk, I thought it was important to have multiple POV’s, not just my take on every subject. I also liked that this approach makes our project much more like a magazine. All of our contributors have so may different interests, beliefs, and writing styles and that makes Girl Folk so much more interesting. For instance, I personally loved reading a travel piece by my friend, Lou, who happens to be half-French and half-Argentenian. Her French mom also shares stylish bits of her life on Parisienne in LA on Instagram. Because of all this, Lou sees things in ways I might not even think about. She also has a flair for fashion and a talent for writing.

Q: Why do you have a “self-care” category?

I chose to add the self-care category because it’s an important and popular topic with girls my age. My friends and I really enjoy self-care and we are always looking for tips and advice on the subject. I think self-care is especially important to teenagers because they are going through so many different changes in their teen years. You have to stay healthy and take care of your body and your emotions as they change and they are challenged. Self-care covers a lot, including dealing with acne, staying fit, keeping healthy, loving yourself, and coping with stress, essentially all the things that most teens around the world often deal with. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being an Editor-in-Chief?

I’m still so new at being an Editor-in-Chief, but so far I have really enjoyed the chance to work with others and help them shape their ideas, articles, etc. I also love getting to help out during photo shoots, especially styling the models (my friends!), deciding on poses and backgrounds…it’s all super fun!

Q: Where do you see Girl Folk in ten years?

It’s pretty hard for me to think that far ahead… all the contributors and I will probably be busy with college or new careers, adulthood, and more, so Girl Folk may evolve or morph into something else based on our new interests. I would hope that by then we would have lots of readers and contributors around the world and that we’d been able to really change some peoples’ lives for the better, or at least make their lives easier or more fun.

Girl Folk founder Gray, wearing Be The Good Stone Stack Bracelets in Paris

Girl Folk founder Gray, wearing Be The Good Stone Stack Bracelets in Paris

Q: Tell us how readers can participate in the Be The Good Giveaway?

Readers who follow the Giveaway directions below can win a Be The Good Inspirational Necklace for themselves AND a friend! Necklaces are made of 14 Karat Gold Vermeil, mounted on an inspirational easel-back card with matching 16-18-inch chain and arrives in a complimentary muslin drawstring gift bag. Be The Good donates an accessory to the not-for-profit Dress For Success to help empower women. 

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